San Francisco's Favorite Craft Fair

Vendor Gallery – Zoo Lights – 2015

December 3rd, 2015

NightLife Vendor Gallery

August 1st, 2015

JPOP Vendor Gallery: August 8-9th 2015

August 1st, 2015



Art of Natalie McKean
Natalie McKean is an artist & designer who specializes in Scratch Art,  hand-painted housewares & silk-screened apparel. Her art contains a sci-fi  theme of organic vs technology, with mechanical sea creatures, robots,  mystic women, androids & aliens.


Auraveda provides an array of handcrafted necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. All original designs captivate elements from geometric chic, boho  soul and primitive alchemy. Guided by artistic wanderlust, Auraveda strives  to spark connections with the beauty around us. All pieces are forged in San  Francisco, California.


Backstage Boutique
Backstage boutique, established in 2011, offers vintage-inspired, fun, handcrafted, timeless jewelry pieces. Each piece is made with love and most importantly affordable. Backstage Boutique’s love for their craft and beautifying women can be seen in the character and precision of each piece.

Bottle of Clouds_JPOP

Bottle of Clouds
I have a lot of sketchbooks with ton of doodles and I cut out the woods with laser cutter to give life into each of them.¬†It’s just fun to see when my doodles become something fun to wear as brooches, earrings, rings and necklaces.


Cody Vrosh
Cody Vrosh is an artist and illustrator fusing sci-fi elements with bold female characters and playful creatures to create a unique brand of speculative pop illustration. Together with writer Sheatiel Sarao, he founded Binary Winter Press, a small press and screen printing studio creating art, books, and apparel.


Freeform Industries Inc.
3D printed jewelry featuring San Francisco themed designs


Ginger personally hand pulls all screen printed items in her bedroom with a focus on environmentally friendly non-toxic inks and sweatshop free apparel.


Gneiss wood
While most people see driftwood on the beach as discarded, lost, or even litter, Adam hears a story.  He wonders about where the wood came from and its journey onward. Adam is an Oakland-based artist with a love for breathing new life and energy into old wooden materials that have washed ashore Northern California beaches.


Jose Moreno Illustration
I take inspiration from nature, science, animals, and sci-fi. I combine these elements to create unique and interesting images such as animal anatomy drawings, or limited edition screen prints with narrativeillustrations. Then I integrate these images into hand-bound books, buttons, and prints.


Kuso Designer Toys
“Kuso”, the word was brought to Taiwan in 2000, meaning “reckless doing”. It was from Japanese “kuso-ge’s”. The word was used and quickly spread over internet by young people in almost everyday, and gradually the definition of Kuso shifts to “anything hilarious”. Kusovinyl is located in sunny California, and we are the best place to build your vinyl kingdom. As a lover of designer toys, I know how difficult it is to sometimes find rare and valuable figures.


I started my shop because I felt like there were things bopping around in my brain that other people might feel a kinship to. I like to make things for the people that I like. So I might as well make things for the people I don’t know. Right? I want to share my brain boppings, because I can’t be the only person to think them, otherwise I’m in big trouble.


MADE (Mayene Design)
MADE offers kawaii handmade plush items and greeting cards; a portion of shop proceeds go to charities and organizations related to children, education, and other causes Mayene supports


At MAGNOTE, we strive to create and curate design-superior unique products that are fun, attractive, and inspire the kid inside of everyone’s heart. We specialize in offering these gift and toy items that appeal to all ages, rejuvenating one’s creativity.


Mike Mano Art
Michael is a freelance illustrator whose work thrives on mystery and atmosphere. He’s been known to work on books about spooky beings and grand adventure. Michael is offering fine art prints. See more of his work at


MXM Jewelry & Design
The story of MXM Jewelry & Design is borne from the nexus of two designers, their passion for nature’s infinite beauty, and memories from their collective lives and experiences. Together, their jewelry is an expression of the symbolism and alchemy of this union. In 2009, MXM Jewelry & Design was founded in Oakland, CA by Peizhu Huang, a graphic designer, and her partner, Derek Miao, a metalsmith & jewelry designer. Their work and craftsmanship strive to reflect the harmony of nature’s beauty. In 2014, MXM’s first retail store/studio opened in Berkeley, CA.


My Dear Darling
My Dear Darling is a brand created by Akiyo Pham that highlights the life of Niko Darling, a costume-loving penguin and his world full of smiles. Her goal is to spread joy to customers and fans through handcrafted plush dolls and original My Dear Darling designs.


The artist behind Nanamation is Nan. Nan creates cute illustrations that has a lot of Asian influences. She sells postcards, artwork prints and cute tee-shirts.


RexArts Studios
RexArts is a Visual Development and concept arts studio founded in 2014 by Creative Director Rex Ma. The studio is handing bunch of different creations, such as visual development for animation and games, fan art, and illustration.


Stuart Ratcliff Drawings
I have been in the business of selling my drawings since 2010. I spend about half of each year traveling in Asia, and my drawings are influenced by Japanese art and aesthetics.


{ ninja*arts } ‚ėÜkawaii‚ėÜcute‚ėÜcomic‚ėÜpop arts from Japanese Ninja Artists.
See details at Any inquiries:


walkingbeans is an illustration studio co-founded by Li-An and Yuki. Our specialty is creating fun and unique animal graphic greeting socks, cards, gift tags, and card games. We try to bring a little bit more happiness to the world!

Vendor Gallery ‚Äď Maker Faire 2015

April 30th, 2015

Vendor Gallery – Zoo Lights 2014

December 18th, 2014

Vendor Gallery – NightLife 2014

November 16th, 2014

Vendor Gallery – Holiday 2014

November 9th, 2014

December 13th & 14th 2014 11-6PM each day
Fort Mason Center
Herbst Pavilion

Vendor Gallery – JPOP Summer 2014

July 5th, 2014

J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL is one of the largest street fair held every summer in San Francisco Japantown, focusing its theme on Japanese pop culture. Last year we attracted over 80,000 people and we are expecting even more people to join us this year! The festival consists of music, art, fashion, food, and film, so you will find something interesting!

J-POP SUMMIT FESTIVAL is an open event and free to attend, but some contents are paid. The booths will be located on Post street, between Laguna St and Fillmore St.

WHEN: July 19th & 20th 2014 from 11AM to 6PM
WHERE : Japantown, California & Union Square

Amos Goldbaum

Art of Natalie McKean

Backstage Boutique

BeeFy & Co.

Bobbin & Rex

by Stacey Monique

CanDid Art Accessories

city girl sf

Dangerous Dagger




Infinitus designs

Jamariko’s Oddities

Jeannine Schafer

Jose Moreno Illustration


Kuso Designer Toys LLC

Mid Century Mod Glass


Mochi Studios

Ms Amanda Jayne

MXM Jewelry

Natural Pop


Oopis Nein


ribbon street

Sakura Haru Design


Snorffles ‘n’ Meeps

Stuart Ratcliff


The Garden Home

The Girl and Rhino


Vendor Gallery – NightLife Summer 2014

May 5th, 2014

MAY 15th 2014  6-10PM
California Academy of Sciences
55 Music Concourse Drive
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA 94118
$12 pp or $10 for Members/ 21+ –
Map & Directions

Ana Apple Designs

Andrea Fuentes

Bug Under Glass

Fox and Moon Tea

Fucking Sculptures

Geekest Link

Hilside Bags

Jennifer Clifford Art + Design

Lisa Inez

M-square press

Maureen Shields


Modern Vintage Art

Oopis Nein

Peace Chain Joe

Philanthropic Panda

Princess Punk

Scene Not Herd

Skincare by Feleciai

Snorffles & Meeps




Tracy Lewis Art

WOLL Jewelry


Yes & Yes Designs

Vendor Gallery – Maker Faire 2014

April 13th, 2014


11:11 enterprises

7 Starr St

A Needle Runs Through It


Amos Goldbaum

Ana Apple Designs

Animal Instincts Apparel

Applesauce Designs

Artha Handmade Hemp Soap

Art of Natalie McKean

As Wood As It Gets

B+ Shop

Bird of Virtue


Bottle of Clouds

Bug Under Glass

By Nieves Natural Body Care

C Westbrook Designs

Chris Yates Studios


City Green

Cody Vrosh & Binary Winter Press

Compass Rose Design



Delusions of Grandeur Design

Dragon’s Treasure


Eco Apothecary


Feathery Leathery



Fluff Engine

Glitter Side


High Prairie Pottery

HiLo Studio

House of Honore


Hummus Apparel

Isabella Kung

Jumbo Jibbles

Katy Kristin

Korrupt Label


Krista Tranquilla Studio

Lady Alamo

Laughing Devil Designs, LLC

Laurel Begley Ceramics

Le Petit Elefant


Martin Hsu Illustrations

Miss Leah Dee Jewelry

MXM Jewelry

Neural Network



oh, hello friend

Orange Heat

PassionWood Designs

Pockit Lab

Pretty Fun

Puppet Bakery


Recover Your Thoughts

Rhythmic Metal

Robots by Matt Q. Spangler



Skeletal Dropkick

Spinning Mermaid Fibers

Socko Co.

Sora Designs

Steamy Tech

Sweaty Taxidermy

The Enchanted Square

The Girl and Rhino

The Gold Bug

Tina Produce




Unpossible Cuts

Vanda Playing Cards

Vaya Bags


Vivi Kids

Yetis And Friends

Yuki Yamagata Illustration

Zoa Chimerum
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