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New-old plume bracelet design. I've gotten rid of the hook and eye closure - instead there is memory wire running through the armature which causes the bracelet to actively grip the wrist. Plus there's a nice taper to the form now. I'm pretty sure this isBy special request - Rainbow Chimera earrings.Sculpture ring "Ammonite"Sculpture Ring prototype "Owl"Conjoined ChimerasZoa Chimerum photoshoot by Sue-Yee Leung - 33Tigrefino Projects at Bazaar Bizarre San FranciscoADSC00186_1ADSC00137ADSC09985ADSC00061_1ADSC00040ADSC00071Magic Wallet Made From Books_DSC1599bbsf 2012bbsf 2012bbsf 2012Soap GunsStuffed SnailsRecover Your ThoughtsVivi Kids BoothLittle HipposGiant AsparagusOodleBaDoodle SquidWooden Squid and OctopusOnesiesBow TiesDecember 2: Owl BagsWool T-Rex