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Hello San Francisco Bazaar Readers!

August 25th, 2008

This is our new blog to share craft show listings and Bay Area San Francisco Bazaar news. We built this so that Bay Area crafters will hopefully find new venues to sell their goods. San Francisco Bazaar is focused on building community and we want to help each other find ways to survive and thrive doing our art or craft!

We have a couple new members to the San Francisco Bazaar Community. Doug M. from Recover Your Thoughts will be posting listings for shows and giving some reviews about his own experiences selling. Laura H. of Minniekins will be posting vendor interviews from our various shows (Austin, SF and San Mateo). Jamie C. and Blas H. from Mary Jane’s Attic will also be posting about Baz Biz events and the people that make it happen. We hope you’ll enjoy the blog.

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