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Annual Fair Oaks Street Sale and Fair- Sat May 13th – Noe Valley

There are 5 blocks of garage sales, and there will be food to enjoy and lots of things to drink. Neighbors and vendors from all over the Bay Area will be selling everything from antiques to musical instruments, to quilts and vintage clothing and jewelry, to Mid-Century and modern furniture and artifacts. Come out and find that treasure you’ve been looking for, or you can make some extra cash selling items that you don’t need or want anymore. Fair Oaks is a 5 block street that is situated between Dolores & Guerrero Streets. Fair Oaks begins at 21st Street & goes all the way to 26th Street. The sale officially begins at 9AM and ends at 5 PM. See you there! *Anyone who has things to sell is welcome to set up and sell at this annual event, which takes place on the Saturday before Mother’s Day every year.
*Please set up to sell on the curbside of the sidewalk on either side of Fair Oaks Street, so long as you are not blocking anyone’s driveway, or the entrance to someone’s home. *As a courtesy, please get permission from homeowners if you wish to set up on the sidewalk in front of their house….they are usually agreeable. *Please note that sometime during the day you will be asked to make a twenty dollar donation to the local non-profit organizations such as the Jamestown Community Center, which we support.

We have provided this listing on our Blog as a service to our fellow indie crafters and designers. This show is not affiliated to Bazaar Bizarre San Francisco. BBSF Blog makes no guarantees or warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or authenticity of the information contained on this post. Please direct all questions using the contact information as listed on this blog post. DO NOT leave questions here on our blog as they will not be answered by the show organizers. See our Terms of use <>  section for more information.

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