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The 6th Annual East Bay Mini Maker Faire is coming up on Sunday, October 18th.

Science, art, food, craft, engineering, play—there is no limit to the subject matter.  Whatever your passion, this is the place to share it. Show off your projects—finished or unfinished! Teach a workshop, sell your work, make a presentation or perform on the stage.

Individuals, young makers, “first-timers,” maker spaces and collaboratives, clubs or classes,  businesses and startups are all welcome to apply. And like all Maker Faires, there is no cost for non-commercial makers to participate.

As many of you know, the East Bay Mini Maker Faire is not so terribly “Mini”—we’re only “small” if you compare us to the Maxi flagship Maker Faire in San Mateo.  Over 7,000 people enjoyed the one-day East Bay event last year.  There’s an incredible array of amazing makers and interesting attendees to meet.  We offer makers great exchange, big fun, and a wonderful showcase for their efforts.

For application:

We have provided this listing on our Blog as a service to our fellow indie crafters and designers. This show is not affiliated to Bazaar Bizarre San Francisco. BBSF Blog makes no guarantees or warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or authenticity of the information contained on this post. Please direct all questions using the contact information as listed on this blog post. DO NOT leave questions here on our blog as they will not be answered by the show organizers. See our Terms of Use section for more information.

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