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Rental Box for YOUR ART at Utsuwa Floral Design

Starting Now!
at Utsuwa Floral Design: NEW PEOPLE 2F


UTSUWA FLORAL DESIGN (NEW PEOPLE 2F) will be starting a “Rental Box”

It is a system in which we will rent out shelf space, etc at UTSUWA for a monthly rental fee to showcase/sell your handmade items. UTSUWA is usually a plant store, but we are consistently searching for new, refreshing, and interesting items daily! Plus, our desire to “meet various artists & their creations” has lead us to starting a “Rental Box,” an already common concept in Japan.

For those of you who strongly desire…

  • A chance for others to be able to pick up your handcrafts and see it in person
  • A chance to find a place to showcase your items
  • Got handcrafts laying around the house with no place to go
  • Want to earn a bit of pocket money 

What kind of things can I have showcased?
We would like to say “As long as it is handmade, anything goes!” However, we would like things befitting a plant store that have a “natural, cute, or exquisite feel.” We will accept a wide range of things, so don’t hesitate to consult with us.

What kind of areas will my items be displayed at? Rental fees?
Please refer to the following store map. Entering through the entrance at the right, it opens up to the rest of the store. The window area on the left-hand side of the map is entirely made of glass, giving a sense of freedom. It is perfect for plants to grow and gives us a feeling like that of walking through a park. The areas labeled with alphabetical letters on the map are areas we will be leasing out.

Break-down of the rental shelves and rental areas

*A~E (shelves)
Located right next to the entrance in front of the register counter.
A-1 to A-5 ($15), B-1 to B-5 ($20), C-1 to C-5 ($20), D-1 to D-5 ($15), E-1 to E-5 ($10)

*W Is on the shelves right across from the entrance.
Recommended space for items that are rather tall or wide. W-1 ($35), W-2 to W-4 ($30 each)

*G-2 to G-4, Z-1 Is on a vertical glass case at the center left-hand side after entering; next to the register. Recommended space for high-priced accessories, etc. Z-1 is the rental of the whole display case. G-2 to G-4 ($30 each), Z-1 ($50), G-1 ($50) *G-1 is on a horizontal glass display located in the same left-hand side as above.

X-1 ($30 for 2 weeks)
Is an Art Space (areas along the wall for paintings, photo prints, posters, etc) located on the right-hand wall directly above the space upon entering. ***These areas are limited to 2-week rental periods***

X-2 ($35 for 2 weeks) Is an Art Space on the wall towards the center left-hand side of the store next to the register.

We suggest you drop by to take a look at the store’s layout before applying. We accept consultations via e-mail as well.


About Utsuwa Floral Design :
The Solarium of Growth: Utsuwa is a green space filled with light where plants live out their dream ecology. Healthy air plants, succulents, bonsai, and plant aquariums with Japanese esthetics are wonderful for homes or as special ‘living’ gifts. Knowledgeable store staff will help you find the perfect plant you seek. More Info:

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