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NerdWallet Looking for Participants in Paid Small Business Study

Focus Group Needed for NerdWallet’s Online Discount Tool

NerdWallet is looking for creative business owners to test drive and analyze a new online discount tool that we’re developing. This discount tool is meant to help smaller, local, and independent retailers like yourselves boost their online presence and advertise their online stores for free. We would like to gather feedback on how to make it better and more useful to store owners like you!  In order to participate, you will need a blog or e-commerce site outside of your Etsy store.

We will pay each participant $30 per test, plus an extra $5 if you bring your own laptop.  We will also provide snacks, pizza, and drinks!

Duration of Time Commitment:
Each test will be around 30 minutes long, and they will take place in person, in our office in SOMA.  We will schedule appointments with interested participants in advance.

What is NerdWallet?
NerdWallet is the web’s best source of information to help consumers make educated comparisons and save money on everything from credit cards, to gas, to everyday online purchases. Our tools have been featured in publications like Money Magazine, the New York Times, and Lifehacker, and our site is often recommended by consumer advocates. Over the past few years, our consumers-first approach and our emphasis on local, independent, or non-profit organizations has allowed us to help millions of consumers and business owners save money.

Why NerdWallet?

  • More than 10,000 unique visitors, every day
  • Featured in major media like the New York Times and ABC News
  • Free advertising helps drive traffic to your store
  • You have complete control over what our users see

Why coupons?
NerdWallet’s coupon tool serves two purposes:

1)   Helping consumers find deals at stores they shop at every day.

2)   Helping smaller independent online retailers to promote their products at the same level playing field as the big box stores.

There are millions of people searching for coupons and discounts on the web, so by allowing retailers to post their own coupons for free, we can give these consumers a chance to find better alternatives to the retailing giants, and give smaller stores more qualified customers. It’s a win-win!

Who to Contact:
For more information and to volunteer as a participant, please contact Rita Chu at with your name and e-commerce website URL


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