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Cookoorikoo, grandma's jewelry box redux

My name is Shanalee Hampton. I make jewelry and hair accessories with silk and cotton yoyos and vintage repurposed items. I love when people tell me that the things I make remind them of sorting through their grandma’s jewelry box.

I started Cookoorikoo after being inspired by a photo in a Japanese Craft magazine of a gallery exhibition featuring yoyos. I’d learned how to make them when I was very young and hadn’t thought of them much since. After looking at those pictures, I couldn’t stop thinking about them. I started incorporating vintage jewelry when I realized I could constantly sort through old jewelry, just like when I was younger.

I’m inspired by vintage hats and jewelry, colors, flowers and well, yoyos. I’m currently working on a line of one of a kind hats. I want to make items that make woman feel pretty and maybe a little whimsical. I want to make it easy to be fancy every day.

The best thing about what I do? I love it when I have an idea that seems kind of crazy so I let it bounce around in my head for a bit. When I finally sit down to make it and it works, I’ve been known to squeal and clap. The worst? When that item sits unloved in my shop. Everything eventually finds the woman or girl its meant to be with but sometimes it takes a little longer than I’d like.

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