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Vendors needed for Napa Artisan Fair – June 24th

The organizer of a Chic-y Artisan Craft Fair event in Napa is seeking out vendors!  Do you make anything crafty, sell a unique product, are an artist of all sorts, sew, make toys, have vintage goods, repurpose furniture, have an edible goodie company, natural goods, eco friendly products, have a service you want to advertise or anything else cool, fun and unique??? If so, this is the craft fair for you!

This event will take place on June 24th 2012.

Advertising is by word of mouth and on facebook so I strongly urge each vendor to advertise too. I will be making an event invite on Facebook, advertising like crazy via facebook and will be handing out fliers.

The cost of the booth depends on the number of vendors. The more vendors, the less the booth cost. I’m hoping each booth will cost no more than $55/vendor but I can’t say exactly until I get more vendors. It’s possible the price will be as much as $100 max for a booth.

Each booth comes with tables and table linens. I am not charging vendors any fees for setting up this event nor will I take a % of your sales. You get to keep all of your earnings. I’m providing this so that small businesses, artists and crafters will have an opportunity to have a booth at an affordable rate. I too will have a booth for my products. : )

I am taking reservations for a $40 down payment. That will guarantee you a booth and be applied towards the total cost of your booth rental. I hope to be refunding part of that $40 to you, as a result of getting a lot of vendors but that cannot be determined now nor guaranteed.

The venue has a variety of table shapes and sizes, the only way I can make it fair is by having a first come first serve policy. Your choice of table size will be determined by the order of which you have reserved and paid the $40 reservation hold fee. I do hope that someone who doesn’t need a large table would forgo it for a smaller one. As I said, I am doing this for our community of small businesses, artists and crafters, not for personal profit on booth sales so please keep that in mind.

I hope to hear from you crafty artists and small business owners, so we can make this event amazing!!!

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