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booking designers for Chillin 14th anniversary June 23, 2012‏

Hello there, I hope this email finds you well.  This is Irene from Chillin’ Productions and Wonderland SF. The reason I am writing is because I am booking designers for our Chillin’ 14th Anniversary show at Mezzanine Saturday June 23, 2012. This show will feature: 80 fashion designers, 200 painters and photographers, 2 live painters, video installations and a bunch of great DJ’s.Show is from 8:00pm-2:00am

This is a very special show to me because is our 14th anniversary and the fact that we have been able to support artists and designers for so long.

This shows we only do twice per year (anniversary & December Holidays show) . We normally have an attendance of at least 2000 people. Our shows have been free for designers to vend for 14 years and my goal is not only for designers to make money but also get exposure in the press and make connections with boutiques and buyers in the Bay Area. My goal is to support the local art and fashion community here and keep SF a unique place.

I do not charge designers to vend but I do have some expectations and if those do not work for you we are not the show for you. I work really hard for the designers and I do the best I can but your help make a huge difference!

I do not charge ANY fee for you to do the show but I expect the following from you:

In order for you to do the show this is what I truly expect from you:
1. If you are doing another show that same day you can NOT do my show.
2. I expect ALL designers to get flyers from me
3. expect designers to post the event in their websites.
4. send an email blast about the show
5. post to facebook, myspace, yelp, going, etc.,
6. If you have stuff at Wonderland SF you can not be pulling out inventory from the store.
7. If you cancel with less 2 weeks notice you will be charged a penalty fee (regardless the excuse)

If you are Not willing to do this this is not the show for you.

Anyway, I am so excited about this show! If you are interested in the show email me fast as at times I get booked in less than an hour.

This is a very special show because it marks our 14th anniversary and we opened last may our boutique and Gallery and being able to keep supporting local on the daily basis

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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