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Vagabond Indie Craft Fair: Spring Edition 2012 – May 5th & 6th, noon until 7pm – Sunset

The Vagabond Indie Craft Fair: Spring Edition 2012 will be held at Urban Bazaar on Saturday & Sunday, May 5th & 6th, from noon-7pm. We are accepting most vendors for ONE DAY ONLY of the 2 day event (see below). Applications are being accepted now through March 25th; applicants will be contacted by April 5th to let them know if they’ve been accepted. Contact Brandi or Briana at 415-664-4422 or with any questions.

IMPORTANT EVENT INFO: This Vagabond will be the 5th Craft Fair held at Urban Bazaar since 2010. Urban Bazaar is located at 1371 9th Ave, San Francisco, in the Inner Sunset District. The event will be held in our backyard garden, and will be held rain-or-shine. Vendor fees are non-refundable. Vendor spaces fit a standard 6′ table, with enough room behind the table for you to stand or sit; vendors are responsible for providing their own tables & chairs. If you have an alternative (non-table) display, please fill in the appropriate section on this application so we can place you in the best spot. Regardless of your display, you will still only have a 6′ wide space, approximately 4.5-5′ deep.

We are accepting applications for ONE or BOTH days of the craft fair. We’d like to have a diverse selection of artists represented, so not everyone who applies for both days will be accepted for both. You’ll be able to choose which day(s) you are applying for.

TABLE SHARING: Table sharing is acceptable; however, we cannot pair you up with another vendor. If you’re applying to share a table with another vendor, you need to fill out this application with information in each field for BOTH of your businesses. This includes types of merchandise sold by each vendor, a website for each vendors and/or photos emailed to us for each vendor. There is no additional charge to share a table. You cannot add a second vendor to your table after you’ve applied, so only fill this out once you know for sure who you’re applying with.

VENDOR RESPONSIBILITIES: Vagabond is truly a community event. We value the input and participation from all the craftspeople who are a part of it! Therefore, we hold each applicant who is accepted responsible for helping us promote this event to the public. By applying, you are agreeing to: 1. Post about Vagabond to your social media sites and blogs in the 3 weeks leading up to the event 2. Hand out postcards for Vagabond (which we will get printed and distributed to you) leading up to the event, especially if you live in SF or Berkeley/Oakland 3. Spread the word to your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. 4. Let us know if you have media connections or other ideas about how we can promote the event

VENDOR FEES: There is a $3 application fee, payable to via Paypal as soon as you complete the application. You are responsible for paying this fee

IMMEDIATELY AFTER you send in your application! If we don’t get it, we won’t consider your application. This can be accomplished by going to and clicking “send money” and then the “friends & family” option. There is a $45/day table fee per day for accepted vendors. If you’ve been accepted to Vagabond, we will send you a Paypal Money Request along with your acceptance email, between March 25th and April 5th; you must pay your vendor fee within 4 days in order to keep your spot!


We have provided this listing on our Blog as a service to our fellow indie crafters and designers. This show is not affiliated to San Francisco Bazaar. BBSF Blog makes no guarantees or warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or authenticity of the information contained on this post. Please direct all questions using the contact information as listed on this blog post. DO NOT leave questions here on our blog as they will not be answered by the show organizers. See our Terms of Use section for more information.

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