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Infinitus Designs links to delicate chainmaille jewelry

My name is Greg Sandzimier of Infinitus Designs. I’ve always had an admiration for metal-rich, medieval looking armor and jewelry. I decided to take a stab at making my own pieces using the same techniques crafters used hundreds of years ago to make chainmail armor. My pieces are a much more refined, though. I use smaller metal rings to craft fine jewelry and accessories. I take pride in all my hand crafted items and am always happy to see others enjoying my creations.

I originally started making jewelry as holiday gifts for friends and family. After the holidays were over I would continue to get requests for more of my items, and at a point I figured it was time to make it a business and share my creations with the public. I still maintain a full time job and do this as a hobby.

The creative process for my designs is often spontaneous. It mostly revolves around the materials and how they look and how they work together. I meticulously weave the rings by hand and other materials to create the items that you see.  Sometimes the creation process doesn’t work out because of the very fine tolerances between rings of various sizes, but most of the time the end product is a stylish one.
The best thing about what I do is seeing peoples’ reactions. I love seeing people wear my creations and hearing their positive commentaries. The worst part is the labor. Although I find my craft meditative and peaceful, the many hours required to make some pieces becomes tiring and stressful for my hands, but it is always worth it.

Feel free to check out some of my creations at

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