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Fibrevolution, the crochet revolution

My name is Gwen Reichert and I am the sole proprietor of Fibrevolution (that means it’s only me!). This year, I quit my “day” job and relocated Fibrevolution from Boston to LA. I design and hand-crochet chunky hats, scarves, hoods, and wraps. It all started when I had an image in my head of a brim hat I wanted but I couldn’t find it in stores. So, being a resourceful artist, I made my own (I learned to crochet my first year of college). Then everyone started asking where I got it… can they have one… can they get it with a stripe… can they buy one… So 4 years ago, after gifting everyone to death, I decided to open my own business, Fibrevolution. I’m an artist, so it seemed that Fibrevolution would be the ultimate outlet for all my creative needs, such as fibre work, sewing, photography, digital editing, graphic & web design. Fashion designing hence came by accident.

I wear all of my own pieces, so I just make what I like to wear and enjoy making. Making timeless, unisex designs that will endure physically and fashionably is my passion. As long as the design is spot-on, the colors of the pieces may change to dictate trends and other expressions as style preferences change. To ensure my BBSF customers can score the color and style they want at the show, I’m offering a pre-order discount through my etsy shop! Order now to get 20% off your order by using the coupon code ” bbsfpreorder “, and then I’ll issue a shipping refund so it can be picked up at the show on December 3rd or 4th! Can’t wait to see you so stop by and say hi!!!

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