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appreciate these Squishy Monsters

My name is Daniela Muhawi, the creator of Squishy Monsters. I’m a kid at heart; I love cartoons, terrible jokes, sculptures, monsters and of course, art that incorporates all of these things . There isn’t enough monster art for adults out there, and that’s where I decided to create unique graphics and polymer clay creations that both kids and their parents’ would be proud to own. The idea ultimately blossomed after I decided to create a business called “Squishy Monsters” in my free time. It evolved from a website about all things squishy, to a business targeting adults and children who either want to share their homes with little monsters or even put in an order for their own special graphic or sculpture.

My creative process? It typically starts with about 5 cups of tea. After I’ve inhaled copious amounts of caffeine I either begin to scribble something that eventually turns into a monster, or squeeze various colorful clays in my hands until a shape begins to form. These monsters pretty much shape themselves!

I love the fact that there is no limit with what you can design. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time, and the clay that gets stuck in the carpet will be staying there for years to come. As someone with a lot of energy and self-diagnosed ADD, it’s hard to concentrate on the projects and finally get them done, but I’m always thinking of what I’d like to illustrate or create next…so I couldn’t stop making squishy monsters even if I wanted to.


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