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Mother/Daughter Collaboration: Enchanted Squirrel

Enchanted Squirrel is a Mother/Daughter Team that began in July, 2010. My mom, Billie, is a master knitter who has had numerous publications of her original hand-knitted afghan designs & has also won numerous national awards. She has run “The Yarn & Craft Shop” here in our little town of Cloverdale, in Northern California, for almost 30 years. She has a loyal following & people even come by our house or call with “knitting emergencies”!

My background is a bit different. I have a Masters Degree in Audiology & practiced as a Pediatric Audiologist for many years, before becoming a Neurophysiologist in 2004. As a Neurophysiologist I worked mainly in Cranial & Spine Surgery, monitoring brain & spinal cord function during the procedure. During this period of time, my son, now 18 years old, developed a chronic illness, which gradually worsened. In February of 2010, I realized I could no longer properly care for my son as a single working mom. So, I quit my job, moved in with my parents & devoted myself to getting him well. My mom had always wanted to go online & I have had a long-standing paper obsession, thus Enchanted Squirrel was born! It was a way to make something good out of a bad & stressful situation. We have slowly built up our business on Etsy & our private website & I have had a few of my works published! I started out making collages, then learned to make jewelry, both illustrated & gem based. I now have begun making Art Dolls out of clay & my decorative tins & mirrors have been a big success. Soldering is the current task that I have taken on & I am using this skill in my jewelry, as well as some fairy/bird cages that have been floating around in my brain for a while.

Mom & I collaborate on our sewn goods. I shop for & choose the fabric & do a lot of the design work & she is the “sewing monster”. And of course, she also can knit anything, which is wonderful!!

My work tends to be whimsical @ heart. I am mostly inspired by Fairytales/Storybooks. I also love the Regency (Jane Austen) & Victorian Periods. There is very little about this job to hate. I work when I want to work & sometimes do not make it out of my pajamas. It makes us both happy when someone really loves something that we have created. The world is in a bit of a bad state @ the moment. It’s nice to be able to create something that makes people smile, or keeps them warm or is just beautiful to look at……our little contribution to a better place!

We currently have a coupon running on our Etsy site. When you use the coupon code WHIMSICAL you will get 10% off of your entire purchase. This code is good thru the end of the year!

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