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Jfish Designs, intelligent classy ceramics

I am Jennifer Fisher the founder of JFish Designs, a ceramic tableware and gardenware company. I love working with clay and creating objects that people can connect with emotionally. That means making pieces that are beautiful, touchable, and make people want to interact with them. I started JFish Designs about 3 years ago in New York but have expanded enormously since moving out the the Bay Area.

I was inspired to get into the craft business because I love making things. I have always worked in the design world, but never felt totally satisfied designing products for other people. Having my own business allows me to design and produce things I love and to have a hand in everything. I do pick up freelance Industrial Design work here and there when I have to, but my primary occupation is running my ceramic tableware company and I love it!

My process begins with a sketch and series of sketch models that evolve into a final design. I find inspiration in nature and the world around me and am always thinking about ways to turn a cool shape into a usable product. I go through numerous iterations of a design, sculpting different forms and evaluating each one, before I settle in on a shape and purpose. And then from there I start working with plaster and clay! I make molds of my sculptures and then cast those pieces in clay. Those clay pieces turn into my final products.

The best thing about what I do is that I get to make things with my hands every day. The worst thing is that I have very dry hands! And that the handmade ceramics market is totally unpredictable and keeps me constantly on my toes wondering what is going to happen next…

I’ve been running JFish Designs as my primary job for the past year and it’s been a roller coaster but it seems to be working out! But the only way to keep it going is with customer support! I hope lots of people will check out my booth at San Francisco Bazaar and online at

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