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Géraldine Adams, shares her recipe of illustrations

My Name is Géraldine Adams. I’m from Brittany in France. I’ve lived in Paris and in Brussels, Belgium. Since March, I’ve lived in San Francisco. I’m an artist & illustrator. I create handmade archival art prints and stationary, mostly about French kitchen art like illustrated recipes, food, vegetables, meat & wine, but also some unique designs inspired by traditional French folk art.

What inspired you to go into the craft business, do you still have a day job? Becoming an illustrator has been a long path! To make the story short, I always wanted to become an illustrator, but I ended up studying languages and information technology. Then I worked as a software designer… I would design complicated process diagrams describing interacting programs. I was also pursuing a photographer activity on the side, taking portraits and shooting events.
But finally I quit my job and went back to school and learned to do graphic design work, photo retouching, and designs for websites. Finally, when I moved to San Francisco, I opened the GeraldineAdams shop on Etsy.

My inspiration comes from my daily life – the food I cook, the people I meet, all the places I see, and my experience being French yet becoming an American. For example, illustrating recipes was the best way to entice my sister to cook French, easy, simple and gourmet recipes. Oh! Did I mention that my father is a French chef? My passion for food comes from them for sure! I started the cooking unit conversion prints because the first time I read an American recipe asking for a cup of flour – I actually wondered which cup from the cupboard I should use.

Regarding my creative process, I always sketch my ideas first. Then I finalize a drawing and I scan it. I rearrange it on the computer, adding colors and text. I make my original art prints at my house in San Francisco. I use archival acid-free paper, manufactured with wind power.

What’s the best thing about what you do? And the worst? I love to be able to express myself & develop my art & finally creating something amazing that someone else will adore! I really like the freedom of the handmade production and being able to choose the quality of the materials: local and sustainable. The worst is probably the huge amount of work that I didn’t expect!

I recently released cute handmade greeting cards for the Holidays with red silhouettes of a snowflake, a heart and animals like an owl, a bird and a reindeer. I hand drew them, inspired by traditional French embroidery, vintage lace and doilies from France. The design features multiple delicate woodland motifs from nature like flowers, branches, leaves and birds while incorporating abstract and geometrical shapes like hearts.

These cards are a perfect way to send your special messages during the holidays. Great for Thanksgiving, Christmas, for the New Year! Your loved ones will appreciate these beautiful patterns inspired by nature and France. They can even frame the cards. What a great gift! Like me on Facebook! GeraldineAdams on Etsy Geraldine_Adams She is in SF: a daily illustrated project

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