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mission thread: indie mash-ups

My Name is Torsten and I make fun and ethically sound clothes for men and women. I love to draw up my own mash-ups from pop culture and create designs that carry an emotional content and have some spirit to them. Images that make people smile is really what its about.

I find street art the most inspiring but I didn’t start out as a designer/printer. I started sewing men’s wear years ago but was non plussed at how long it takes to make one quality garment so I decided to move into a more graphical and efficient medium, screen printing. I still love to sew but these days I don’t sew more than the occasional hem on pair of my yoga pants, I’m printing full time.

I still teach science on a very part time basis but I am fully supporting myself with my business, I just teach for fun. I love the autonomy of self-employment, for an independent person like myself it can’t be beat. I love every part of my business except when I have to coordinate something like a photo shoot with several other people. I really just like being able to get it all done myself and photography isn’t possible that way because it takes at least two so I feel a bit tied to others at that point. Otherwise I love all aspects of being a small business owner, success doesn’t hurt either.

Have a look here and see what I’m taking about , if you see anything you like please know I can customize not only shirt colors for you but the ink color as well. No one else out there will give you a completely custom print like that, ink and all. I also offer free shipping if you enter “freeshipping” as a discount code at checkout.

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