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fun and quirky illustrations by Studio M.M.E.

I’m a pen and ink illustrator who loves to make people smile. My work combines the traditional style of fairy tale illustrations with modern fantasies. From antlered girls to magical fish, my shop is full of drawings that will brighten your home and bring you back to your childhood. Studio MME sells prints, cards, and bookmarks featuring my quirky illustrations.

What inspired you to go into the craft business? Do you still have a day job? My parents fully supported me earning degrees in art and creative writing with the stipulation that I had to open a business before I graduated.┬áThat’s why I started Studio MME in 2009 but it’s become an incredible passion for me. It’s my part-time job currently. My other part-time job is as a freelancer. So, I have the pleasure of working from my apartment just 2 years after my graduation!

Describe your creative process when designing/making your product line. It all starts with a story. The stories come to me while I’m taking my daily walk or while I’m sleeping. They’re generally so silly that I start laughing instantly. From there I sketch out the quirky illustration. I almost exclusively use Rapidograph pens (which are becoming harder to find because architects and drafters no longer use the pens).

What’s the best thing about what you do? And the worst? I love being able to create whatever I want! Every quirky idea that comes into my head makes it to the paper. I never imagined so many people would fall in love with my work. It’s easily the best part of this whole thing. The worst part has to be filing taxes. Thankfully the ladies at my local Board of Equalization put up with my hour-long calls each July and walk me through each step.

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