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Fox and Moon Tea Complimentary Flavor Combinations

Fox and Moon Tea has been providing traveling tea services and focused tea tastings featuring harvest and regional comparisons since 2005. We source single-origin teas crafted by esteemed masters from around the world. We create our own line of tea blends and accompanying tea snacks. My artistic and crafty side emerges in my overall aesthetic and approach to packaging, as well as through the inventiveness that I bring to tea blending and baking. My goal is to spark interest and start a conversation, to delight and engage each person who experiences the tea. With my blends and baked goods, I focus on balancing flavor notes and adding in elements of intrigue to the taste. I share stories of my tea travels and learning as well as support and showcase local artists during my events in an effort to reflect the tradition of drinking tea in an enriching cultural and communal atmosphere.

What inspired you to go into the craft business, do you still have a day job? I love to create and am driven to capture the feeling and essence of what I feel is integral to tea and share it with others. I freelance in the interactive/internet industry to support this calling, and my long-term goal is having Fox & Moon Tearoom be my sole focus.

Describe your creative process when designing/making your product line. It depends on what I’m making. With my tea blends I am inspired by flavor combinations that are complimentary and help evolve the experience of tea drinking. I don’t use flavored oil enhancers or scents in my blends. I approach blending for balance, quality and experience. Once I get an idea, I sit with it and test it out over time. I also hold blind taste tests with panels of tasters.

Creating a blend is similar to composing a song or painting – it’s a layered, evolving and engaging process. There is always a little alchemy in there, and room for the person enjoying the tea to experience it from their
own perspective.

What’s the best thing about what you do? And the worst? What I enjoy most about having a tea business is sharing what I love with others, exchanging stories, and making personal connections. I value the experience and culture of tea and endeavor to provide an avenue for my guests and customers to extend that experience to others. The worst or most frustrating thing, is not yet being able to dedicate myself full-time to my business.

I host public tea events throughout the year as well as provide private traveling tea parties and focused tastings. I offer merchant accounts for retailers and restaurateurs.

Fox & Moon’s events and tea products are available at:

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