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Hi, my name is Michael Paul (two first names I know =) and I co-own Fuzzy Ink with my twin brother John. Some random factoids about myself…I’m a morning person but have never had a cup of coffee, I take no shame in admitting I could listen to Phil Collins / Genesis all day and I usually eat ice cream AFTER I brush my teeth (don’t judge me =). In terms of the business, it may or may not be obvious that we have a bit of a mustache fetish…although maybe fetish is improper diction. Anywho, when we first starting thinking about the business roughly 4 years ago, we knew we wanted to have a common theme that hadn’t really been explored. I can’t really tell you when or why we finally decided on the ‘stache, but it seemed to have legs so we ran with it. Crafty by nature, we decided to try our hand at screen printing and sewing and we really haven’t looked back since.

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO GO INTO THE CRAFT BUSINESS, DO YOU STILL HAVE A DAY JOB: Inspiration huh…I think it comes down to the fact that I’ve always enjoyed creating things. When I was younger (and still today) I would get so excited when furniture and things of that nature arrived unassembled because it would give me the opportunity to build away. I wouldn’t say I was completely blessed with the artistic talents of some of the fellow participants, but I’m pretty confident I can whip up random plush weirdness with the best of them. As of now, Fuzzy Ink is my day (and night) job. I seem to eat (literally sometimes), sleep and dream mustaches and I guess in the end it could be a lot worse ;)

DESCRIBE YOUR CREATIVE PROCESS WHEN DESIGNING/MAKING YOUR PRODUCT LINE: There’s definitely a method to our madness, but sometimes it’s hard to describe actually how it works. Typically we’ll brainstorm all sorts of random ideas, crumple them up into a ball and then hurl them at the closest wall. Whichever idea(s) decide to stick, we then focus on the design aspects (colors, sizing, textures, etc.) and then move on to the screen printing process. Currently, we’re mostly focused on apparel, but we also have a plush range that will be expanding in the very near future ;)

WHAT’S THE BEST THING ABOUT WHAT YOU DO? AND THE WORST: Honestly, they’re probably one in the same; I get to make mustaches for a living. The people that understand and appreciate this have some of the most amazing reactions and I’ve had so many unique and unforgettable conversations, dinners, hang-outs, etc. because of it. On the other hand, the people that wonder what I’m doing with my life and don’t really understand the handmade movement can be big downers. In the end though, I’m a super positive person and I’m not a big fan of using extra facial muscles to frown. I know what I do isn’t exactly normal, but if following the typical path isn’t going to make you happy why not start a new path.

RANDOMNESS (UPCOMING STUFF, COUPONS, ETC.): For the upcoming holiday season, we have a few new things in store for people…some of which may only be available at BBSF (and shows in general). If you’re looking to get an early start on x-mas (or whatever you celebrate), use the coupon code TRAVELER at online checkout and receive a nice little discount. Happy mustaching to all!

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