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The Undiscovered: The Secret of Deadbrook

A fun evening that will be part-murder mystery, part-art show!

“The Secret of Deadbrook” is anĀ  interactive horror murder mystery told through paintings and theirĀ  accompanying narratives. Children have been disappearing in the town of Deadbrook, and when a witness comes forward concerning the most recentĀ disappearance, it’s up to you to unearth the sinister secrets ofĀ  Deadbrook. All you will need to solve the mystery will be at yourĀ  fingertips – can you figure out who is killing theĀ  children before it’sĀ  too late?

Watch the full “teaserā€ and more info can be found at . If you can figure out what exactly
happened, you’ll have a chance to win an original painting!

The show opens on June 3rd from 8-11pm at Oz gallery, which is located at 3224 1/2 22nd St (between Bartlett and Mission), San Francisco, CA 94110.

If you live and die on Facebook, you can view the event page:

It’ll also be a split feature show with the ever-talented Eve Skylar (, who will be showing her new collection of paintings “The Undiscovered: New World,” which will explore a journey into the uncharted territory of the fantasticĀ landscapes that inhabit her mind.Ā  It’s good stuff.

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