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Take the emo out of chemo for Kelly

Kelly Malone, for those that don’t know her, is the founder, creative lady behind Workshop, teacher, as well as the founder of The Indie Mart. She worked aggressively to grow Workshop to a schedule of over 40 classes a month (with 3-4 new classes being added a month lately) from just a year ago when we had about 12 classes a month, with 6 staple classes. She has worked these past two years with little to no salary from Workshop, purposefully sacrificing income to keep Workshop class prices low and guarantee access to anyone whom is interested. In the last year, she has taken Workshop to the Treasure Island Music Festival, redesigned the small room next door into a wonderland of reclaimed wood and tools, started writing DIY pieces for the Bold Italic ( and won a top 10 spot in the ReadyMade 100. ( Through all of this, Kelly still found time to teach at Workshop, and ended many of her nights making rad stuff in the main room of Workshop over a cold beer (hey, after all that is what she made this place all about!)

This past April, Kelly was diagnosed with an advanced stage of cancer that had spread to non-localized areas as a result of previous battles. This latest diagnosis requires a treatment path that will far exceed her financial abilities and lack of insurance, and most likely require her to take a hiatus from her businesses. So we are asking San Francisco and Workshop fans for a helping hand, so she can kick this for good & continue to keep Workshop thriving & full of new ideas, classes & fun.

Over the next few months, several fundraisers and donation drives will help raise the funds to pay for surgeries, chemotherapy, hospital stays, medication and care. Our first fundraising goal is $15,000, which will cover the surgery and several chemotherapy treatments. This money is required upfront for the surgery. To make a donation visit our Help Kelly Kick Cancer Donation Page and please spread the word. More news on fundraiser events to come… THANK YOU!!!!

Kelly Kick Cancer Donation Page

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