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Bird Mafia – cut from nature

Bird mafia is a unity of my love of cut paper art and crafting. Each of my hand-printed designs begins as a piece of hand-cut paper. Every bird mafia item is both hand-printed and handmade using nontoxic water-based inks and eco-friendly materials.

I have been a maker since I could get a hold of scraps from my dad’s workshop, glue (!), my mother’s sewing box. My father went to work in a suit, but when he was home he was always building something. I suppose it’s in my blood.

What inspired you to go into the craft business, do you still have a day job? I started with fine art and as much as I loved it, there was something missing for me. Now, I put my art on useful and fun items, as well as walls.

I do not have a typical day job. My life is a constant balance of crafting, art, and raising my two daughters. Oh, and working on the new vegan candy company I am starting with my best friend, Sweet Cups!

Describe your creative process when designing/making your product line. I am most inspired by traveling and hiking for the most part. I take a lot of photos. My husband always teases me because half of our vacation photos are of plants, trees, bark, bridges. From there, I start to draw. When I draw something I love, I cut it out of a single sheet of black paper. Then I use that paper to burn the image into a screen. After that, I hand-print fabric and sew it into stuffies, pillow covers, kitchen linens, etc.

What’s the best thing about what you do? And the worst? Best – Letting my imagination run wild is a good thing in my line of work. Worst – The business stuff. It’s not easy to switch gears from artist to bookkeeper.

This year at maker faire I will be showcasing more artwork, including my cut paper shadow boxes.

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