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ezme designs – funky, unique ceramics

My business is called Ezme Designs and I make handmade and hand painted ceramic housewares and jewelry. I find inspiration in retro, vintage design, odd looking plants, pods and flowers and Asian art among other things.

What inspired you to go into the craft business, do you still have a day job? My Mom was visiting me the week before Mother’s Day this year. She has never been in town during any of my shows during the past four years, so it was the first time she saw me in action selling my ceramics in my booth. On that day, I realized that she had been pregnant with me selling her paintings at Arts and Craft Fairs, so you could say I was inspired from the womb!

I do still work two-three days a week at Leslie Ceramic Supply as the Purchasing Manager. Aside from helping to pay the bills, I get discounts on clay and supplies and have an extra connection to the ceramics community. I feel so lucky to meet my peers and as clay geeky as it sounds meet the “celebrity ceramicists.” No-one outside of clay world know who they are but in our field their groundbreaking pioneers and inspirations…

Describe your creative process when designing/making your product line. My boyfriend is constantly on my case to sketch more on paper but my way of working is sketching out new ideas on the clay pieces. Sadly, it sometimes means I have a lot of seconds but it is when I feel my creative juices flowing — when I am in a rush to get everything in the kiln before a big show! I do use my little catchall dishes as test tiles too. He’s totally right though and this year I am trying to heed his always valuable advice!

What’s the best thing about what you do? And the worst? Setting my own schedule, being my own boss and seeing people smile when they see my work.  If I can bring that smile to their face every morning when they use their favorite coffee mug or a smile when they gift a bowl to their best friend, it makes all the heavy lifting, repetitive stress and clay dust worth it! Also, I like that people are buying local and are using products safe from lead or cadmium that may be in your 99 cent mug manufactured in China.

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So looking forward to seeing everyone at the Maker’s Faire and San Francisco Bazaar this year!  It is SO much fun!

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