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conceptual clothing by Turk+Taylor

Turk+Taylor was started in 2005 by two guys with no business plans but with wild imaginations and dreams to make it big.  Andrew has a background in painting, and Mark has a passion for photography and is a practicing video and performance artist.  The two channel their creativity, approaching their little homegrown business as an art collaborative. The result is somewhat conceptual, but super fun. A singing collection of tees and tailored goods for both men and women.

What inspired you to go into the craft business, do you still have a day job? We thought that t-shirts would be a perfect medium for our drawings and illustrations, which are for the most part all about a sense of place and telling a story rather than depicting an object.  We both still have day jobs: Andrew works as a manager for an art gallery, and Mark works at fine dining restaurant.

Describe your creative process when designing/making your product line. The process is totally wacko and collaborative.  When we’re on, we’re ON!  And design comes organically, deriving inspiration from photography, architecture, textiles, color, television, music—practically anywhere. Sometimes, though, we get tripped up by mini feuds about color and fit. That’s when give-and-take, rock-paper-scissors and whiskey come into play.

What’s the best thing about what you do? And the worst? Best: improved wardrobes!  And seeing strangers wearing our styles. Worst: production migraines, meeting deadlines, paying taxes :(

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