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Village Clayworks by Catherine Reece

Hi, my name is Catherine Reece. I make and sell functional pottery with an insect and garden theme. All of my work is hand made and drawn by me featuring whimsical designs and bright colors. I do all my work out of my home studio with my husband Scott while our two small children; Jackson and Kennedy play with clay too. It’s a family affair.

I have always loved to create ~ whether it is making photographs, painting or throwing pottery. I was waiting for my husband to graduate from college and get a full time job when I decided to quit my day job and make business out of my pottery. Slowly my business started growing and becoming successful. My husband graduated and did not get the full time job of his dreams and after two years decided he had enough and joined me in the studio to be my partner.

I throw and design each piece and my husband does all the trimming and final glazing. I use a black under glaze pen to draw each design and I paint the details with bright under glazes. I got tired of the usual “dip and dunk” method of glazing pottery so I began to look at each piece as a blank canvas to draw and paint on. Many years ago I first saw a dragonfly on a lake in Cable, Wisconsin and was fascinated with its flight and vivid colors. I began to draw them and other insects including the “dung” scarab beetle and praying mantis. God created each beautiful and intricate insect and I feel compelled to draw them and tell their stories.

The best part about my business is that I get to spend everyday with my husband and kids.  My husband and I have been present for each milestone in our children’s lives both big and small. The worst part about my business is that life is a balancing act ~ I am still learning how to balance the business and family.

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