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Illustrations of Every Day Love by Nidhi Chanani

I am a freelance artist and designer. I was born in Calcutta and raised in suburban California. I currently draw and dream in San Francisco.

What inspired you to go into the craft business, do you still have a day job? Love, life and the simple things inspire me. I came across an illustrator’s work that I absolutely loved and saw that he was making a living off it and thought to myself: I can do that! I have been working full time as an artist since 2010. I am inspired by my life and the people and creatures around me. I take that inspiration and translate that into art.

What’s the best thing about what you do? The best thing is sharing my life and my work with people. The response I’ve received has been heart warming and inspires me to create more. The worst? I’ll have to think about that… I don’t know if there’s anything I can think of that’s bad about working for myself and sharing my art with people…

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