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How Weird Street Fair – May 1st – San Francisco

The 12th annual How Weird Street Faire will be Sunday May 1st, from Noon to 8pm.

San Francisco’s street fair season begins Sunday May 1, 2011 with the 12th annual How Weird Street Faire. Once again, the city’s streets will be transformed into a celebration of peace and creativity, as thousands of people journey to the “Mythical Realms” of Howard Street.

All cultures share similar ideas about the types of societies and places where people may live. These are the mythical realms of our stories, and the theme of this year’s faire. There is the perfect society or paradise, there is the exotic location filled with diversity, and there is the magical and the sacred. Each of these perspectives provides an alternative view of the reality we all share, thus opening up a new world of possibilities.

The How Weird Street Faire envisions a place of peace, where all people can come and find some similarities and common interests among diverse music and art, building bridges of understanding and friendship. A place to celebrate all of the ways people cooperate and work together. A place where our differences and unique perspectives are appreciated as things of beauty, rather than causes for conflict. And most importantly, we envision a place of fun.

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