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Dear Vendor and Culture Creators!

 Happy New Year!  
2011 marks a new direction for Noise Pop’s Pop – n – Shop!   We’ve
retooled the event to be more than just a shopping event.  The
promoters of Noise Pop have taken the week-long Noise Pop experience,
brought it all into one location over two very special days, and
created Noise Pop Culture Club (NPCC).  This event is dedicated to the
celebration of creativity and independent culture in its many forms—
including but not limited to—music, art & graphic design, film, food
and fashion, the NPCC will feature interactive workshops, talks, a live
show on Saturday evening and an art exhibition, local designers and
food fair daily plus workshops that touch on the entire spectrum of
independent culture. 
As a potential vendor we wanted to let you know about this great
opportunity and some of the changes we’ve made.  
The Pop – n – Shop portion of NPCC will be a highly curated event with
limited space (our current count is about 27 booths). 
The event will be Sunday, February 27th from 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm, located
at the night club, Public Works. 
The venue is located in the San Francisco’s Mission at 161 Erie
The fees are $100 for Full Space (6 ft long X 5 ft deep) and $70 for
Half Space (3 ft long X 5 ft deep).  
We are also creating opportunities for vendors to celebrate creativity
and creative people in an interactive and inspiring way. We have
time slots to conduct workshops or be a speaker to talk about your
experience of turning your passion into a business venture (we also
will have a panel or two, so if you have a collective or group that
would like to present let us know).  We consider these excellent
opportunities to further promote and attach your personal experiences
to your work. 
So we are asking for volunteers to conduct workshops and/or be a
speaker. If you are interested in vending and/or volunteering
to do a little more, please respond to this email by Friday January 14th
and answer the following. 
 I will send an application out to those responding by January 19th:
  1. What are you interested in doing (vend only, conduct a workshop, be a speaker, all of the above)? If you wish to only sell your products, that’s fine.  If applicable, please provide a short paragraph that describes what your workshop or talk will cover.  This will be used to publicize your event. 
  2. If applicable, who is presenting this with you?  Please list all names and let us know if there may be more to come. 
  3. How long do you ideally need for your presentation?  For individual talks we recommend no longer than 20 minutes, for workshops an hour to 90 minutes.  We can work together on this but give us a general idea of what you are thinking.   
  4. When would you like to present that day? We will be making the final schedule but if you have any preferences or cannot do certain hours (between 12 pm – 6pm).  Let us know and we will do our best to accommodate. 
  5. Will your talk or workshop need A/V equipment, tables? Let us know how you envision the space and we can work out what we can do.  Public Works has video capability in the main room. 
  6. If you are a food vendor, please let us know your equipment, water or electricity needs. 

Attached is an overview of the entire Culture Club event! And here’s a link to the festival:

All the best,

Molly Bradshaw

Noise Pop Industries
2180 Bryant Street, Suite 105
San Francisco, CA 94110
415.341.1135 fax

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