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What inspired you to go into the craft business & do you still have a day job? There was a time in my life when I used to make nerdy crochet for living. Right when it was taking off, I got scared. Apparently, wasn’t ready for the awesomeness. But when I started making nerd gifts to entice certain adorable-looking hipster boys, I saw the look on their faces: Pure Geek! That’s what reminded me of what I wanted to do & what I wanted stand for. It even became my mission statement: Inspiring Smiles One Geek at a Time. I’m a caregiver to my 81 year-old grandmother (Lita, for short), 18 year-old cat and 33 year-old boyfriend by day. I’m a crafter that watches too much Netflix on my Wii by night. My grandma helps with “product quality control”; I hold up a new creation and by the pitch of her giggle, I can tell whether something will be cute enough to be part of nerd JERK. :) I love the fact that I can be with those I love and make things that make people squeal in far away places.

Are you constantly experimenting with new ideas, or do you stick with what is successful? I love love LOVE coming up with new ideas and I even have a journal I keep with me for just such an occasion. It’s just making the time to get these ideas made and then photographed that I have trouble with. So in that respect, the items that I’m known for (Bob-Ombs & Kirby) will probably always rule the sales. But when someone buys a Convo Calculator Cover, my heart really sings. It was the only thing I’ve ever had on the Etsy Front Page and even had to make a tutorial for CRAFT magazine, so it’s one of the things I’m most proud of.

What’s the best advice you have been given about your craft? I’ll never forget the night that I was at the Museum of Craft & Folk Art in San Francisco for an Etsy Panel Discussion and Meet-Up. I heard some really important people were going to be there and that we could bring examples of our pieces to possibly show ’em. When I dared to show some of my pieces to a Museum employee, I was stoked about how much they loved my items. When I was asked how long it took to make and the price of the item, I sheepishly gave my answer. I was, then, chewed out for 30 minutes about paying myself a living wage and how much these items really were worth! I’ll spare you the 30 minute session, but I’ll tell you this: Paying yourself what you know you’re worth and really believing in your product will get you everywhere! I can’t tell you how much success I owe to that simple principle. If I hadn’t been yelled at, I’d probably only be making one sale a month and think that people were over video game nostalgia! And since we all know gaming is bigger than ever & geek chic lives on, I’m glad I listened.”

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