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Recover Your Thoughts, creating journals from library left overs

How did you get started with the DIY scene? My regular job was in a bookbindery, and I was always making journals from the left over scraps. It got to the point where I was making more journals then I could give away. I wanted to sell them, but could never find the right method or venue. Really, what changed everything was Darcy Russell’s Feria Urbana. She would arranged to have vendors show and sell their items in a cafe. Once I discovered how much fun that was, I was hooked.

What segment of your craft business do you like best? I like every bit of it. First, getting the book covers. It is like a treasure hunt. Most libraries have hundreds of books they need to get rid of. Picking the right cover to use on a journal is great fun. I use to use left over paper, and I never knew what I was going to find. Now I am having to buy paper, which has really become a lot of fun. I mostly look for stuff that is no longer needed or wanted. Of course gettting it cheap is important, but I also weight my concern for the enviroment into my decision making. Selling is probably he most fun. I love talking and chatting, meeting people. No better place to enjoy the company of people then at a craft fair. I guess production is the place where I get into that work mode. Counting how many journals I created gives me that level of satifaction.

Are you doing anything new? Yep. One day I was looking at the interesting art on a book’s dust jacket, and I was wondering how I might be able to use it. Then I thought of gluing the dust jackets onto book boards, and use this as a journal cover. It took me a few attempted to figure out how to ahere the paper book jacket down, but once I did I was so pleased with the results. I just started selling my new product at fairs and they have been well received.


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