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Meet Our Sponsors: Meylah!

Today we want to introduce you to Meylah, an ecommerce solution specifically built for creative entrepreneurs.  Meylah is devoted to the creative community to provide the best solutions for individuals to learn, share and support each other’s business growth online and they have created an easy to use and integrated solution specifically built for creatives to launch and manage their online business through blog-powered storefronts.

While there are already millions of creative entrepreneurs online, there are still millions of others that are staying out of the online space because setting up, running, and managing current ecommerce solutions are difficult and intimidating.  Meylah’s blog-powered storefronts are easy to use and offer a unique solution for creative professionals to connect, grow and support their customers allowing novice users the ability to launch their business online quickly and build it for long-term success.

Meylah believes in the relationship between community and sales and many people are growing their own substantial communities (and customer bases) online using social media tools like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, but have limited means to sell to these same communities that they are building. Even the easiest-to-use plugins for these platforms are difficult to setup and manage, and none of them offer an experience that integrates community building and selling as its core purpose. With Meylah, you are building a community and selling to them in one integrated experience.

Meylah’s extensive market research has shown that across any online venue or platform, people with good design and media skills sold their products way more frequently than the competition while people with very poor skills sink to the bottom quickly.  Meylah feels that it shouldn’t be a strike against a great artist or crafter if they don’t have experience writing HTML or using Photoshop. Meylah’s templates are designed to enforce good design behavior, minimizing the competitive disadvantages and they make it easy to present everyone’s work in a beautiful, optimized format that puts the focus on their work, not on how well they can use software.

For more information about Meylah, please visit their blog, take their tour and check out some of sample storefronts of current members.  And, Meylah is celebrating their 1-year anniversary this month so they are giving away 1-Year Premium Memberships for FREE (a $240 value) so use this promotion code (MEY1YF ) when you sign up to build your storefront and hurry, it won’t last long!


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