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Amberry Jam, classic harlequin hats

Hi. I’m Amberry Jam. I’m a costume and fashion designer based in Texas (Houston and Austin to be specific).

I fell in love with the process of hat making and it just took over my life. Millinery combines the methodic, preciseness of pattern making to create a solid, well fitting foundation with the absurdness of asking yourself- “What completely unnecessary item do I feel like balancing on my head today?”

I recently launched a ready to wear line

It’s a fun site, erasing the line between costume and fashion to create unique pieces that can be worn everyday. But my favorite work is customorders. I adore creating one of a kind pieces of playful, wearable art.

The design process is different for each hat, but usually it’s begins with talking to the customer and sketching out different possibilities. After creating the base structure and layering with fabric, I trim the hat with ribbon, resale-shop jewelry, or found items.

Thanks to the unpredictablity of thrift stores, the final product is usually different (and better!) then originally designed. Top hat’s are my favorite thing to make, but the space required to haul that many tophats from Texas to Cali is a lot more than you would think! So the items at the San Francisco Bazaar are going to be smaller cocktail hats and ornate headbands. I’m so excited about Maker Faire and I can’t wait to see everyone else’s work!


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