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I started Peptogirl Industries in 2005 and have been doing craft shows and selling online ever since. Jewelry has always been my main seller. I’ve tried different items but always seem to cycle back to jewelry. I got bored with beads a few download-2years ago and started crafting almost exclusively with items that aren’t normally found in jewelry: guitar picks, buttons, bottle caps, vintage spools of thread… I’ve also started designing embroidery patterns and have added a few craft kits to my line. I’d like to start doing more illustrations and prints soon. Whatever I create, I strive to create items that are cute, kitschy, and fun.

What inspired you to go into the craft business, do you still have a day job? I’ve always been crafty but I didn’t really fit in with traditional crafters because I was interested in creating things that were fashionable and cute. After college, I found myself with more time for crafting. Coincidently, I also found a plethora of web sites and forums filled with other crafters like myself.  I was so inspired by others’ businesses and web sites that I knew I had to start my own.

download-3I worked full time as a web developer but was laid off this year due to the economy. So, I don’t have a day job at the moment but I’m looking ;)

What do you like best, coming up with ideas or executing them? Coming up with ideas is my favorite. I enjoy executing the first few but I often get bored after that and move on to the next design. I also have tons of ideas in my head that I haven’t had time to execute yet!

download-4What’s the best thing about what you do? I love networking and meeting other crafters. There are so many amazing, creative minds out there and so many nice people. It also feels great when a customer tells you how much they like something you made. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. The worst? Taxes! I hate paperwork and accounting but it’s just something that has to be done.

What’s the best advice you have been given about your business or craft practices? Keep your shop full if you want to make sales. It sounds like common sense and it’s so simple! It can be difficult to keep your shop full at times but I’ve noticed that it really does make a difference. The more items you have in your shop, the more potential customers have to choose from. I always get sales right after an Etsy update. It works!

How do you stay inspired? I’m a very visual person so I’m inspired by everything around me. I read blogs, check out Flickr photos, visit a craft store. I also jot down ideas in a notebook, even if I don’t have time to execute them yet. When I have some down time where I’m not feeling so creative, I refer to my notebook for previous ideas and start executing.

What are your creative influences I’m inspired by colors and textures, other crafters, thrift shopping, and fashion trends.

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