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Bugs Under Glass, assemblage art for the insect heart

download-2What inspired you to go into the craft business, do you still have a day job? I just recently quit a day job to focus full-time on the bug business through the holidays. It’s scary not to have a steady pay check but absolutely exhilarating to be doing what you love. My background in entomology, business, and love of craft inspired me into the craft business.

download-1What do you like best, coming up with ideas or executing them? I love executing ideas because the final product is so fulfilling when you actually see your idea physically in front of you – a Rhino beetle sitting on a miniature toilet is so much more fun in person than in my head. I have hundreds of ideas (some very strange) waiting to be executed, but so little time. I am still waiting to make a diorama of the Beatles, made with Rhino Beetles. Just need to find a mop top hair weave that will fit a beetle.

What’s the best thing about what you do? And the worst? The best thing is I get to be around and work with the things I love – insects –  24/7.  This may be someone else’s nightmare, but it is a dream of mine realized. The worst thing, I believe for most crafters too, is the paperwork. We would all rather be crafting.

What are your creative influences? The natural world. All the amazing vendors at craft shows. download

What’s the best advice you have been given about your business or craft practices? Always seek the advice of other crafters. They are going through the same experience as you are and hearing their ideas and advice is priceless.

How do you stay inspired? Taking a break from the bug studio and going for a hike. This is where you can get on your knees and get a little closer to the characters in my art.

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