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Handmade Ho Down, a charity event with style

We asked the sponsors of the Handmade Ho Down to give us some insight into this charity event. The organization that will benefit from Handmade Ho Down is Drawbridge:


Handmade Ho Down is a Craftstravaganza meant to be like no other. We wanted to create an event that showcased new artisan talent, promoted buying local and the small business, all within an extended happy hour, lounge-type environment. Shopping is already fun. Shopping unique, local artisan wares is even more fun. Add cocktails to the mix and you’ve got yourself a Ho Down.

This is a 21+ event, as our venue is 21+. We are serving up a really great bunch of vendors; Cards and letterpress, screen print artists using organic and reclaimed materials, some great jewelry designers, fabric arts, even some that defy categorization. So this should be a great show for anyone who wants to support their local business and artisan community, buy local and get lots of great Holiday shopping done.

In the spirit of buying handmade and giving back to our community, making this a charity event was a given. We searched high and low and came across DrawBridge ( If you haven’t heard already, DrawBridge is a non-profit organization, which strives to provide art programs for homeless and other vulnerable children in seven Bay Area counties. Just a few of the ways we intend to raise awareness and funds for DrawBridge include:

  • All proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets go to DrawBridge
  • Attendees are encouraged (as well as vendors and anyone else) to bring in new/used but in good condition art supplies.

You can find their wishlist of much needed items on their website:

First 100 people to donate art supplies will receive a FREE HoBag – our official Handmade Ho Down tote!

  • $1 from every HoBag sale will go directly to DrawBridge (HoBags for sale at event for $5)
  • Magnolia Photo Booth Co. has generously offered a photo booth for our event use – anyone can take and keep pictures!! All they as is for a suggested donation.  They will then split those donations with DrawBridge.
  • Gift wrap for items purchased will be provided for a suggested donation – all of which goes directly to DrawBridge.

As you can see, we hope to generate a LOT of support for this organization, and we’ve recently heard they’ve had their funding cut.

Plus!:  First 200 attendees will receive free swag bags full of vendor-donated goodies

What is the relationship between Handmade Ho Down and Etsy? Handmade Ho Down has been put together by SF Etsy a “street team” of Etsy artisans in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over 200 members participate in an online forum with support, ideas, inspiration, and motivation to fellow Bay Area artisans who make and sell hand crafted goods on

Etsy is the highly popular online market place where anyone in the world can buy and sell handmade goods.

Have you been involved in the craft{D.I.Y}movement for awhile? All of the members of the Handmade Ho Down (Too Live) Crew have been active in the DIY movement for a fairly long time. Collectively we must span at least 50 years. ha ha.

Which vendors have you discovered and are looking forword to working with ? I’m really looking forward to working with and meeting all our vendors. We recently sent out a nice, fat questionaire to generate blog and ‘zine content, and the answers we got back were in turn hilarious, heartfelt and definitely interesting. I’m reminded why we started this show in the first place; to promote buying Holiday gifts with character, from characters.

Anything else you want to add? We are so so excited to be doing this new show – and a Charity event besides! – And we are truly grateful for everyone’s encouragement, support and energy.  This includes our esteemed vendors, our kick butt sponsors and everyone else who are just psyched to come to this show!

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