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Eristotle, fun and funky ways to decorate your pad

I live in a small old house in Oakland, Ca with my two funny little dogs and my very tall boyfriend.  I have a peculiar propensity for things in miniature, as evidenced by my car (Mini), my dogs (Shi Tzu and Llasa Ahpso) and my curio shelf.

Eristotle is about fun and funky ways to decorate your pad and your life with reduce-reuse-recycle front and center to every design. downloadAll of my wares  – mostly pillows at this point – are handmade and sewn by me using vintage, up-cycled, thrifted or eco-friendly materials whenever possible.

I was raised with a recycling bin under the kitchen sink and a compost pile in the backyard, with “put your scraps in the compost bin like a good little hippy child” from my ever-facetious step-dad. He was kind of kidding about us being hippy children, but not about the composting!  So it is important to me to continue that line of eco-thinking with my business as much as I can.

What inspired you to go into the craft business, do you still have a day job? This seems to be a recurring theme amongst the crafty set; I’ve been crafting since I was a wee tot.  I love how it seems like so many crafters started with paste, big fat crayons and plastic lanyard, and just kept that going into adulthood.  I’ve always loved to make things, and turned it into a professional career when I finally figured out how.  Hedgy SparrowI went to school for Interior Design, and worked for a couple different architecture offices after.  I had never really sold anything I made as a legitimate business, though.  When I lost my job in February, I took a few months of wondering where to go next, looked for a new job unsuccessfully, and decided crafting as a business was my next big adventure.

What do you like best, coming up with ideas or executing them? Oo, tough question.  I like both, really.  Coming up with ideas is fun and happens in different ways.  Sometimes its a “problem” that needs to be solved – such as “oh these pillows on my couch are atrocious, what can I put on here instead?”  Or someone has an idea they’d like me to implement for them.  I just did a custom pillow for a local seller that was a replica of her avatar on Etsy.  DSCN1440But then putting the idea to reality is fun too, because I love the process of construction and figuring out how to make things go together so they come out like it looks in my head.

What’s the best thing about what you do? And the worst? I love playing with the fabrics, figuring out which ones go best with others for the best visual impact.  And I love when people get excited about one of my pieces they bought.  It’s so nice to get that appreciation from a customer on a piece I’m proud of.  The worst? I feel like I’m not the greatest time-manager in the world.  And I really feel that’s a key element to success in one’s business.  Sometimes I get down on myself for it, but I try to see it as an opportunity to grow.

Anything else you would like to tell us about your business? I like custom work as I like relationships it can build and the ideas that come from a colaborative effort that I don’t get when coming up with things on my own.  I would love to do more avatar-as-pillow designs.  I am stoked, stoked I tell you, to have Eristotle’s Not Your Granny’s Craft Fair debut at San Francisco Bazaar.

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