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Swizzlestix is bold and vibrant

My name is Marcia Copeland, and I’m a San Francisco textile designer and illustrator with a company called Swizzlestix. At Swizzlestix I create tea towels, aprons, placemats, pillows, tote bags, downloadholiday stockings, greeting cards and more, all with a retro-modern feel. I have a passion for creating all things bold, vibrant, cute, swanky, funky and fun! When I’m not designing, I love cooking gourmet, hiking, traveling to far away places, going on photography excursions and playing my nylon string guitar.

In 2003, I felt the urge to design whatever download-1I wanted without the limitations that came with my graphic design job, so I created a line of greeting cards, and started selling my collection to various San Francisco and Los Angeles boutiques. After much encouragement from clients, family and friends, I expanded into the world of textile design, and in 2005 I started Swizzlestix. These products have been sold at various design shows, boutiques, art galleries, and online. I still work as a graphic designer part-time.


What do I like best – ideas or executing? I absolutely love coming up with ideas, new designs, and different products. It’s exciting watching my products evolve and executing them during the prototype phase. Once the execution becomes routine, it’s not as enjoyable and more of a chore.

Since I don’t know how to sew I have a seamstress help with sewing the products, and I get them ready for her, which can be labor intensive.

Best Thing About What I do: Being able to design whatever I want and all the creative freedom that goes along with it, exploring my passions and watching my products evolve. Knowing that I can share my products with others, help brighten their homes and put a smile on their face makes it all worthwhile!

Worst Thing About What I do: Getting too absorbed in what I’m doing and not finding balance between my work and fun. And there’s much more I’d rather be doing then cutting and ironing fabric for my seamstress.

Best advice:

1. Go to tradeshows and talk to exhibitors with lines you are interested in to get tips, advice, etc.

2. Take things one day at a time, and do not become overwhelmed.

It’s important to set priorities and create a daily to-do list. If you scratch off half the items on your list, then you”re that much closer to your goals.

Inspired: My inspiration comes from a variety of things: San Francisco’s colorful neighborhoods, architecture, music, modern and vintage fashion, books and home decor, museums, my travels, and more.

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