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San Francisco's Favorite Craft Fair

Union Design Festival – Oct 11

The October 11th show in Hayes Valley is ready for booking.

From all accounts May’s show went well. it was the first time doing it myself. I want to add something to this next show without detracting from the core purpose of the event, which is shopping. So any suggestions will be appreciated.

Also there is a new map, be sure to check it out before picking a booth space. the spaces will be 10 by 10 again. there is a problem on the one side of park, it really isn’t 10 by 10. so prime location on the park side of octavia has its draw back. Those are booth spaces 70-78. be warned.

Also I won’t go all the way to Grove street this time, that was a bit of dead zone, I will only be going as far as RAG.

Lastly check out the video of the show at

and goto

to pick a booth space for the next one.




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