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Martin Hsu, illustrated man

How did you first get involved with crafting? I worked as an illustrator and graphic artist at an apparel company for 4 1/2 years.  After I quit, I thought why not design my own t-shirts since I’ve got so many silly and whacky ideas! In 2006, I launched my little self titled t-shirt line and have been having a blast!

What are your favorite materials to work with? Do you have a favorite color palette? I like to paint acrylic on wood.  I love the nature aspect of it.  It gives the painting a much more organic feeling.  My favorite palette is inspired by Chinese folk art so lots of red and gold!

What are your inspirations in your art and in life? My biggest inspiration for my art and life comes from my family, especially my grandparents.  I’m also very inspired by Chinese mythology and current events.  My idol in art would be Hayao Miyazaki.

What is your favorite song or album to listen to while working? I love listening to my Magnetic Fields album on Pandora!

Who are some of your favorite indie artist/crafters and why do you love them? I love people that try to be original like Phoneticontrol, Mytarpit, Mike Daley, Pascal Campion, and lots more!

Any exciting future plans or developments in the works for your business? I’m currently working on 8 paintings for a group show that will take place at 1988 SF at the end of June.  It’s the biggest show I’ve done so far so it’s very exciting.  The opening will be on Friday, June 26th so please come out if you got the time!

Learn more about Martin and see his t-shirts at his website

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