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San Francisco's Favorite Craft Fair

11th Chillin' Anniversary show at Mezzanine June 13, 2009.

  Chillin’ will feature: 80 fashion designers, 180 painters and photographers, 2 live painters, video installations and a bunch of great DJ’s. Show is from 8:00pm-2:00am.


Our Mezzanine shows are really special and we only 2 a year. We normally have an attendance of about 2000 people.


Our shows have been free for designers to vend for 11 years and our goal is not only for designers to make money but also get exposure in the press and make connections with boutiques and buyers in the Bay Area. My goal is to support the local art and fashion community here and keep SF a unique place.


No charge designers to vend but I do have some expectations and if those do not work for you we are not the show for you.


In order for you to do the show this is what I truly expect from you:


1. If you are doing another show that same day you can NOT do my show.


2. I expect ALL designers to get flyers from me


3. expect designers to post the event in their websites.


4. send an email blast about the show


5. post to facebook, myspace, yelp, going, etc.,


If you are Not willing to do this this is not the show for you.


Anyway, I am so excited about this show! If you are interested in the show

email me fast as at times I get booked in less than an hour.


If you have any questions feel free to call me.




Irene Hernandez-Feiks

Chillin’ Productions



100 Romain

SF, CA 94114

415-285-1998 (office)

415-205-4587 (mobile)

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