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How did you first get involved with crafting? For me it all started with Barbie. It’s kind of ironic that this doll that we perceive as being really fake and plastic and almost an imagination killer should be the very thing that made me the crafter that I am today, but I’m not too proud to admit it! She’s definitely not the role model I’d choose for my own kids, but for me she was less of an ideal to aspire to and more of a stand-in, just the right size to model my creations. I didn’t want to look like her or live in a pink house- I wanted to build a Barbie-scaled five story townhouse, complete with an art gallery and atrium. My parents encouraged my craftiness from the start. My mom was constantly pushing me to use my imagination, to make things rather than buy them and to use the resources at hand to make my environment beautiful. Those are the same skills I use today.

What are your favorite materials to work with? Hands down, fabric. I’ve been a fabric lover since childhood when I’d cut up my aunts’ old prom and bridesmaid dresses to sew with. They used to hide the scissors from me when I’d visit. I no longer cut up people’s clothes, but I still retain a quiet obsession with scissors. Vintage fabric is my favorite, but I’m really picky about the vintage stuff I take home. I just don’t have room to keep everything I like. I also really like vintage inspired florals, but I’m constantly trying to restrain myself from over-using them in my work because I want the cuteness of my things to be balanced between the pattern in the fabric and my arrangement of it. It’s really easy to get caught up in a cute motif and forget that it’s just one element of the product.

Do you have a favorite color palette? I LOVE aqua. I like to surround myself with aquas, yellows, white, and pinks. Together they make really soothing and refreshing combination that can be played with by altering the proportions. When my husband and I lived in San Francisco our kitchen was black and white with touches of aqua, pink and yellow, like a candy shop. Our work studio now is all aqua with white trim and hints of yellow and pink. It’s very cool and relaxing. I like that I can play with those colors and get a huge variety of effects. Of course my crafty products are where I get to play around with colors and patterns. At the moment I’m in love with brown in combination with any other color. Brown is my new black.

What are your inspirations in your art and in life? I’m inspired by environments. Sometimes they’re places I’ve lived or visited, but often the inspiration is based on the idea of a place in time, like the idea of a candy shop, or the idea of an overgrown garden. For that reason I just eat up photographs and illustrations of beautiful places. They add to my creative inventory. There are so many incredible lines and shapes in beautiful buildings and gardens that really fire up my creative engine.

What is your favorite song or album to listen to while working? I like to make mixes to listen to all day long. My mixes are full of lots of romantic stuff like Emily Loizeau, The Decemberists, and Mirah mixed in with more rock-tastic stuff like Sleater-Kinney, The Gossip, and Gang of Four. For quiet time I listen to Yann Tiersen and for pumped up crafty time I listen to M.I.A.

Who are some of your favorite indie artist/crafters and why do you love them? I’d have to say that my number one favorite artist has to be Elsita. It seems like everything she touches becomes beautiful. I love that she plays in all manners of creating; she’s got her fingers in paper cutting, illustrating, jewelry, and fashion. Maybe one of the reasons I love her work is because it’s rooted in fantasy and story telling, both of which motivate my own creativity. It amazes me how prolific she is. Not only am I constantly blown away by her poetic and fresh imagery but she is an absolute inspiration as woman and as a fellow.

Latina. I love, love, love her style blog. The poses and backgrounds in her photos remind me of dioramas or giant oil paintings.

Any exciting future plans or developments in the works for your business? I just started crafting full time and I’ve got lots of plans for the coming year. Later in the year I’ll be starting a joint project with my man, Eric of LRHB Industries. The idea is to have Polly Danger for my sweet and flowery side, and what we’re calling the Department of Danger for our shared structured and architectural side. I’m really looking forward to expanding my range of goodies!


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