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sipping tea & sharing ideas with Amanda Siska

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your business.

My name is Amanda, and I love to draw! I etch glassware with the help of my husband, Sean, as Bread and Badger. We’re now in our 4th year of business, bringing iconic artwork into people’s homes. The glass etching started out with me drawing directly onto glass with a dental drill, but we’ve had to upgrade our process to sandblasting so we can create larger quantities with consistent quality. Now I get to spend time perfecting my artwork digitally, which I also love to do.

How did you first get involved with crafting?

My mom (and her mother before her) was really big into craft projects, so I’ve been crafting my whole life. She was into cross-stitch, and she made dresses for my sister and me. She was a Girl Scout leader for a few years, and she also taught after-school crafts. She even taught me to knit! I have lots of great memories of the fun projects we always had going on. I knew from a very young age that I had to be making something in order to be happy.

What are your favorite materials to work with?

Aside from my business stuff, I have a lot of fun drawing on scratchboard, or with nib pens on bristol paper. I’m really addicted to knitting, so anything yarn-related is at the top of my list. I like paper crafts too, but I don’t have much time for anything beyond stamping my thank you cards every now and then.

Do you have a favorite color palette?

I don’t have a lot of color choices when it comes to glassware and reclaimed ceramics, so I usually take what I can get. When I do have a choice, I tend to lean towards a really bright spectrum. I’m madly in love with the red-orange and turquoise combos I’ve been seeing in interior design and on websites, but greens are often the first color I gravitate to for clothing and objects.

What are your inspirations in your art and in life?

I like art that makes a statement. I like my designs to proclaim something to their observers, shouting about an interest or a skill. “I’m a knitter!” “I love robots!” Those kinds of things. Be bold, tell the world something about yourself, start a conversation–I live by those words.

What is your favorite song or album to listen to while working?

I listen to audio books most of the time I’m working. Geeky fantasy novels that are really long, or humorous short stories. Bands like Girl Talk and Daft Punk can get me really motivated when I don’t want to hear someone talking.

Who are some of your favorite indie artist/crafters and why do you love them?

Woo, this is a tough one because I know so many folks in the craft industry right now. Okay, I’ve loved Susie Ghahremani of boygirlparty for a long time because of her cute painting style, and the miniature works she creates. She’s always had an innovative, professional website, and her work is really approachable and affordable. I love her color schemes, the bold shapes she creates, and the way she interprets animals and objects.

I’m a big fan of indie comics, so a lot of my favorite artists are in the comics industry (Chynna Clugston, Christine Norrie, Brian Lee O’Malley, Ted Naifeh, plus many more webcomics artists). I love Colleen AF Venable (Fluff in Brooklyn) because of her over-the-top, unselfconscious humor.

I pretty much love anyone who’s creating something for themselves and sharing it with the world, no matter what it is. I love to see a little piece of someone’s soul in their projects, whether it’s a stuffed toy, a piece of clothing, or digital artwork. If it reflects your personality and your sense of humor, then I feel like I can relate to you.

Any exciting future plans or developments in the works for your business?

I’m trying to turn my products into limited editions, so I can rotate artwork more frequently. I’d also really really love to work with other artists, to license new designs to keep things fresh.

You can find out more about Bread and Badger and their products at any of these websites: – website – etsy – blog

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