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Underground Bazaar


Sunday, Dec. 14, 12 until 5

6th & Irving, Inner Sunset in S.F

26 Indoor & Outdoor {under canopy} Spots

*NO* Entry Fee { $40 refundable deposit required to assure clean up }

D.I.Y. : Do It Yourself Vendors Only. Advertising has already begun.

This is a community-building event in the large yard & basement of a grand, old home that occupies the entire NW corner.

Complimentary refreshments for both customers & vendors.

To apply, contact Sonia at

We’ll send you our FAQ –Frequently Asked Questions

You are welcome if you don’t want to participate but wish to visit us and buy your Christmas and/or Hanukkah gifts.

*This show is not associated with San Francisco Bazaar.


What and where is this place?

This is a grand, turn-of-the-century house on the NW corner of 6th & Irving, Inner Sunset, in San Francisco. To continue their neighborhood tradition, the husband-and-wife team is organizing another event that is completely free to the public and to the vendors. They are offering their large basement and (tarped, if necessary) backyard for this event. This is their first such event of its large size.

Why? Because it sounds like a nice way to encourage talented people to sell creative stuff to appreciative people.

Is there a charge to participate? Nope. The required $40 check is a deposit (which will be deposited) to ensure your space is thoroughly cleaned up at the end of the show.

How & when do I get my deposit back? Immediately upon leaving, you will get a $40 check, if your area is completely clean.

What are the rules?

Just three simple ones: 1) send in your refundable $40 deposit; 2) set up the day before (10a to 6p) or arrive (8a but no later than 10:45am—NO kidding!) on Sunday, Dec. 14; and 3) take all your merchandise and any trash with you.

Why is the set-up rule so harsh? Because this is our first such large event, and there will be many vendors trying to access the space concurrently, we want as little chaos as possible. Further, this house is in the middle of a commercial district, served by the N-Judah light rail, so loading and unloading must happen quickly. So, do not drive up at 11am and expect to unload. You must be unloaded at the curb by 10:45a. If this doesn’t seem like something you can commit to, perhaps this is not the event for you.

What can I expect for attendees? We’ve had events ranging from Haunted Houses to a Flea Market, Dessert & Dancing event and a Happy Now Year event. All were completely free, open to the public, and attracted HUNDREDS of people. We are hopeful we’ll draw a similarly large crowd.

What do you suggest I bring?

* clip lamp;

* small, folding table; we can offer you a folding chair.

* a light-cloth backdrop that can be push-pinned to the back of the display stalls, should you wish it.

*bag to collect your own trash, as we are asking everyone to carry out his own trash.

*skirt to drape your table

How much space will I have?

We’re estimating 5×5 per vendor. Packing will have to go under your table.

Do you have a layout, can I see the space beforehand?

Spread across four rooms and a large (tarped, if necessary) backyard, we will arbitrarily assign spaces on a first-come basis. Let us know your preference for inside or out. If you want to see the space beforehand, let us know.

How do I get into the yard or basement? Once we help you unload either at the curb (near the fire hydrant on the NW corner) or in the clearly marked driveway on Irving, there are two ways to transfer your items into the basement and backyard. People will direct and help you! Just mark all your boxes clearly with your assigned space number.

Is there a bathroom at the site?

Yup! And, it’s clean.

What about parking? Our suggestion is that you park in GGP (for free), then walk the few blocks to the intersection of 6th & Irving.

What about clean up?

Leave nothing behind; nothing. This will ensure you get your refund.

What happens to my $40 deposit if I have to cancel? If there is someone on our waiting list able to take your place, we will gladly mail you back your deposit.

Got questions? Send an email to Sonia or Barbara and include your cell number, please. Sonia’s phone is: 510/481.0130; Barbara’s is 415/

The Organizers

Sonia Benjamin, Doug McNeil, Barbara Oleksiw (wife) and Paul Morales (sweet, supportive husband!)

2 Responses

  1. Avatar capella says:

    What a lovely event! I wish I had known about it earlier. I am already commited to an event that day. Please keep me on your mailing list for future evnts! Fixegeargal(at)

  2. Avatar Jen says:

    I also am just reading the blog today! I had my own Holiday Trunk Show with a friend of mine on the same day. We had a lot of fun and the sales were pretty good despite the terrible weather. Please let me know of the next event you decide to do! Thanks a bunch!


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