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Sprout Studio Interview

Jenifer of Sprout Studios will be at the November 30th Holiday San Francisco Bazaar in SF.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your business. i’m jenifer lake and i run sprout studio. …sprout studio is a one-girl maker of good things & a one help(her) get-it-together mister business based out of san francisco, california. jenifer spends her time(s) creating one of a kind, unique & vintage reclaimed jewelry pieces, wearables, accessories, & art for your walls. whether she is fashioning glass pieces, knittin’ up a woolie hat or working out the details on an art piece, she creates them with an awareness of making a better place to be & dwell.

What are your favorite crafts and how did you first get involved with crafting? i’ve always been crafting and making art since i was little. i ended up getting a BFA and now i teach art as well. my fave crafts would be dabbling in almost everything – i love to experiment and try new things, so give me some yarn and i’ll try my hand at knitting, i’ll paint, i’ll gocco, i’ll collage, i’ll photograph, i’ll make vintage jewelry…i like it all!

What do you like best, coming up with ideas or executing them? hmmm…tough one. well, a little bit of both – i think it depends on the day, mood, and how frustrated i get executing the new idea!

Are you super organized or messy?What does your workspace look like? i’m pretty messy although, i fantasize a lot about having an impeccably organized studio. my workspace is kinda crazy – organized chaos. i know where everything is, it’s just not in its place!

Any exciting future plans or developments in the works for your business? just to keep chugging along – i’ll have been in business 4+ years now this holiday season, so i’ll just keep expanding on what i’m doing. one goal i have is to make sure i allow for more art making time – collage & painting – and not as much “product” making time!

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