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San Francisco's Favorite Craft Fair

San Francisco State University December 1st – 4th

 December 1st – 4th 

Arts & Crafts Fairs

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A.S.P.A. produces two arts and crafts events every year, the Spring Arts and Crafts Fair in April, and the Holiday Arts and Crafts Fair in early December. The Spring fair is held outdoors, on the Main Lawn area of the central campus. There is no admission charge; for four days it is in full sight of the SFSU student body of approximately 27,000. The Holiday fair is held in the Cesar Chavez Student Center, the site of the campus restaurants, bookstore, meeting rooms and student organization offices.

Participants in the fairs are restricted to handmade goods, imported or domestic. Where possible, we are biased in favor of locally produced handcrafts. Goods with substantially handmade components, such as silk-screened T-shirts are also acceptable. Food products are not accepted in these fairs.

Approximately three months before the Fairs, crafters on our mailing list are requested to submit stamped, self-addressed envelopes to receive applications. Future applications will also be available via this website. The deadline for the Fair is usually about six weeks before the Fair. Applications are not processed until the deadline. The Fair is now filled by applications received by the deadline, and not after. If more applications are received than spaces available, crafts are screened on the basis of originality, quality, and cost to the students. Spaces for the Holiday Fair are assigned, and are 6′ x 8′ or 10′ x 10′. Spaces for the Spring fair are 10′ x 10′; the locations are first-come-first-served on the first morning of the Fair. They are held by the vendors for the remainder of the fair. Overnight storage and parking are provided to vendors free of charge. No electricity is available at the Spring Fair but is available, with a wattage restriction, at the Holiday Fair.

The fairs are heavily advertised on campus, and a series of ads are placed in the S.F. Bay Guardian and S.F. Weekly. Press releases and public service announcements are sent to 150 Bay Area publications, television and radio stations.

We maintain a Crafts Fair mailing list. If you wish to be included, please e-mail your street address to:   Please note on your email that your request is for the Crafts Fair mailing list.

Crafts Fair

We reserve the right to refuse service or entry to anyone.

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