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  1. jeyn says:

    Great article Biz Miss! I got a sweet deal using an Etsy discount with ProPay, where I paid only $29.95 for a Premium account (normally $54.95). The ‘Basic’ without the Etsy discount is $34.95, so I really got a good deal. Use this link for that:

    I also purchased the small Data Systems Model 505 through, for a great deal, including custom plates, logo sign, and 200 short charge slips for $34.95 including shipping.

    Not sure if I’ll actually need the credit function for this upcoming show, but you never know and it is good to have it for future use.

    Thanks again! Jeyn

  2. kitschykat says:

    What is the credit card payment/Paypal procedure If I am providing a customizing service? Can I accept credit card orders and process them, and complete the transaction when I ship the item?,Help!


  3. BizMiss says:

    Thanks for the awesome Propay tip!

  4. BizMiss says:

    kitschykat, I’m a little confused by your question but I’ll answer as best I can. Please let me know if you need additional info. If your customers have paid for an item, but now you need to charge them separately for customization, you can send them a Paypal bill (“Request Money”) to the e-mail on their receipt, or you can enter their credit card info into a virtual terminal/phone-in service. It’s okay to store their info for this purpose since you won’t be keeping their CCV on file (which is recommended but not necessary for charging their card remotely).

  5. Sandra Jean says:

    This company has excellent customer service, no contracts or cancellation fees, and very reasonable rates. I have never had any issues with them, and plan on keeping them as my processor for a very long time. My sales rep was Danielle at (877) 877-9592.

  6. Dave says:

    Overall a pretty good review.

    However, if you check the rules on the Visa/MC/Amex sites, you will see that you can not store the security code (CVV) anywhere for any length of time.

    The original purpose of this number was to provide a means for online merchants to further verify the credit card. But, this number should never be stored.

  7. I’d just like to add that if you want to accept credit cards online through your website AND accept them at a craft fair with a telephone connection, you’ll need to get an ecommerce merchant account and also a card present merchant account.

    You’ll need to speak to this company to get setup with both merchant account services, as they will work with you to create a customized and affordable solution.

  8. Hang Hoang says:

    I have a question. I have a mini laptop & wifi on it.
    If I wanted to use credit cards, can I use propay to process the credit cards right there at the craft fair just to eliminate the chance of denied credit/debit cards, resulting in loss of money & merchandise? Kind of like a portable P.O.S minus the cool money drawer that pops out. I’ve researched, but I haven’t found anything about it.

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