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San Francisco's Favorite Craft Fair


 Holyday Chillin Dec 6 at Mezzanine will feature 70 fashion
designers, 100 painters/photographers, 8DJ’s and live music. If you are
interested in being part of it let me know ASAP because I get booked at
times in less than an hour.

As always it is free for the designers to vend. The ONLY thing expected from
the designers is help promote. The show will start at 8:00pm and will end at
2:00am. Designers are not allowed to stop vending until 12:30am. This shows
are awesome and we get a huge crowd and I try to get as many boutiques to
come and get lots of press… I been doing this shows for almost 11 years
and are my favorite!

I am not interested in designers that are doing a show earlier that same day
because at times they get to Mezzanine late…

Let me know ASAP as I do get booked sometimes in less than an hour because
our shows are free.

If you have any questions call me!

Irene Hernandez-Feiks
Chillin’ Productions
100 Romain
SF, CA 94114
415-285-1998 (office)
415-205-4587 (mobile)

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