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Interview with Tracy of GiggleRock

Tracy Lindsey is a young mom with a lot of spunk. With two young boys and a husband at home, Tracy had little time run all over the place looking for cool gear for her kids. Using her kids and friends as inspiration, Tracy has created quality, handmade, one of a kind monster plushies, blankets, pillows and other cool baby and toddler gear. Recently her husband, Eric, has collaborated with Tracy to create custom illustrations that are featured on her pillows and prints.

Meet Tracy of GiggleRock (also a supermom)! I’m kind of excited to hear that Tracy is behind a movement at her son’s school for the cloth napkin. When I was in elementary school I was THE ONLY kid to have a cloth napkin and I was made fun of mercilessly. *le sigh*

Tracy will be at the November 2nd 2008 You Bazaar! in SF.

How did you come up with the name GiggleRock? Are you a musician? Or just a rockstar? :P

The name Giggle Rock evolved from a number of different things. Originally I had set out to open a children s clothing store; but after running the numbers and watching the economy turn, I decided it wasn’t the right time. The word Giggle came from me (i’m a major giggler;). Adding the Rock came from a combination of my influence from music and the show Fraggle Rock. My husband is a musician and my children LOVE music (and I am a major rocksrar;P)

I love that with monsters you can just go totally crazy with designs and fabrics and stuff. Can you talk about how you came up with the designs and fabric/notion combinations for your plush monsters?
When/how did you decide to sell your creations?

My monsters sort of came up with out any planning. I needed a valentine project for my color theory class and came up with a monster valentine (v-day is not my fav). I ended up getting a lot of input from my kids and we came up with a hole back story for the V-day monster — Jist: he ate valentines cards. The monster was so popular in my class that my teacher bought him! I have been making them ever since. When I start to make them, I pick out a crazy piece of fabric, then use the colors in it to choose the felt and button colors. I like to layer the buttons to give them “life.” I tend to use remnant fabric and I always use eco-spun felt which is made from recycled bottles.

I read that you have kids. Do you have to fend them off your newest plushies?!
My kids are great inspirations for my plushies. Their imaginations are amazing and I love picking their brains for new ideas on shapes and faces. They are also my quality control. If the plushies make it through a day of play, they are ready for the public:)

What are your inspirations in your daily life that you use in your art too? Can you talk about your personal creative process? Which part is your favorite?
Inspiration for my art comes from anything and everything. On top of being a musician, my husband is an amazing illustrator/artist and his use of color is always inspiring. When I set out to create something new, I usually start with fabric. I pick out one main piece and then pull other colors into it and let it create itself. I have a degree in interior design (which i do on the side: – specializing in baby and toddler rooms) and that is where I developed my skills of color coordinating. My favorite part of the process is when I’m stumped on what to make and then something triggers my brain and the idea just comes to me— my A-HA!!! moment;)

I’m always interested in other peoples work habits and work spaces. Do you set specific work hours for yourself or work when you’re feeling creative? Are you super organized or messy? What does your workspace look like (include pictures if you like!)? What kind of sewing machine do you use?

My husband and I both do a lot of work from home. His day job is graphic design and he has tons of music equipment so he needs a good amount of space to work. I started out on the dinning room table and outgrew it quickly. Our solution was to create a shared office in our master bedroom. Me moved are bed into the old office (all we do is sleep there anyway) and set up a great, creative space for us to share. The room is about 4 times the size of the old office so it made the most sense for us to do it. We have it split in half – one side his and one side hers. My sewing machine is always out and I use the space on the floor to layout fabrics and patters. I like to think I am very organized. All of my things are labeled except my fabric storage which is still a little messy. I just get excited and rummage through all the folded fabrics and forget to put them back the way I found them. I currently use a Brother machine that my hubby bought me for Christmas one year. It is still going strong!!

Any exciting future plans or developments in the works for your art/business?
Since I am still at the beginning of my business, I have tons of plans for the near future. I currently sell at our local Farmers Market and it is really starting to take off. I plan to get involved in some craft fairs for the holiday season and am really looking forward to Plush You!! I am always expanding my inventory which also keeps things interesting. I’ve been doing a lot of screen printing lately which is super fun. I plan to revamp my etsy store soon so that I can make myself a bigger presence online. I am also trying to convince my hubby to partner up with me on a few projects and trying to push him to get involved in the handmade scene!

What are some other things you like to do when you are not busy making awesome stuff?
When I am not making awesome stuff, I am super mom!!! Well I try anyway;) I am very involved in the PTA and my older son’s school (currently PTA secretary and school art docent). I am working on starting a “green” campaign in the school which includes a school garden, no-waste lunch, and basic awareness info. I have been making cloth napkins for my younger son and now his whole pre-school is a paper-napkin-free zone. I have used my napkins as a fundraiser for the school by giving back a portion of sales back to the school. I plan on doing that with all the elementary schools in the district.


Minnie, the interviewer, also blogs about crafts at Thank you for not being perky.

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  1. amy jenkins says:

    Cloth napkins for the kids is Awesome! Congrats!

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